Instructions for users of the application system 2022

2021-10-28, revised 2021-11-02 (see revision history at the bottom of the page)

Create an account. The person who creates the application must also be the project manager.

In the application system, it is important to choose the application form for the correct category of support.  Otherwise, there is a risk of the application not being processed.

Once the application has been submitted, it cannot be changed. If you need to make changes, please contact the Foundation’s secretariat.

You will not receive confirmation that the application has been submitted. If you want to verify its submission, log in to the application system and check that the application has status ‘submitted’. You can also download a PDF file of the application you submitted.

All the information entered is saved automatically when you exit the application system.

If you have not worked in the system for 60 minutes, you are automatically logged out. The information is saved automatically.

All spaces, except ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) and the budget, are obligatory and must be filled in for the application to be complete before it can be sent to the Foundation. However, note that the budget commentary is obligatory.

The whole application must be written in English.

Funds for a research network must be placed with a grant administrator approved in advance by the Foundation. Approved grant administrators are listed here. If you have questions about other grant administrators, contact the Foundation before submitting the application.

The project description, references and CVs must be uploaded as separate PDF files. No other attachments may be sent.

Ethical considerations must be reported in a special space.

For people who have no Swedish personal identity number fill in their date of birth and add ‘-XXXX’ in the end, in the format YYYYMMDD-XXXX.

Project costs. (Note that for the ’research network’ form of support, funds may be applied for only to cover organisation of meetings. Within this support form, funds cannot be applied for salaries, nor for indirect costs.)

The budget for the whole project period is specified here, with amounts in SEK. Fill in the form according to the instructions in the application system.

Project costs are divided into two categories: direct and indirect.

Direct costs consist of salaries (full-time monthly salary), including payroll overhead in the form of social security contributions (lönekostnadspålägg, LKP) for project participants, costs of premises, costs of investigations, costs of travel and conferences, and other costs. For a project participant who will not be paid salary from the Foundation grant, write ‘SEK 0’ and specify the participant’s working time.

For a project participant who is not employed at Södertörn University at the time of the application, state the salary to be paid to the participant by agreement with the head of department. LKP is the same as for project participants employed at Södertörn University.

It is possible to include non-research staff such as assistants and technical staff in the budget for ‘other costs’. In this case, their salary and LKP should be counted in the amount stated. However, non-research staff need not be named at the time of the application: instead, these appointments are submitted to the respective head of department. In the budget commentary, the work tasks of the non-research staff must be specified, as must the scale of their assignments.

The Foundation funds costs of disseminating results from the project with a standard grant, which is automatically added by the application system. Costs of printing, language editing, translation, publication with open access etc. may therefore not be included in the application.

The employer’s social-insurance contribution top-up (LKP), a general payroll overhead based on total salary expense, is automatically calculated in the application system.

Please note that all direct costs must be specified and justified in the ‘Budget commentary’ space. Resource requirements for non-research staff and costs of travel and collection of materials must also be specified and justified.

Indirect costs of the project are entered as the percentage for indirect costs that has been calculated for the department where the project will be based. The sum of these extra costs is based on total payroll expense including LKP. After the percentage has been filled in, the total for indirect costs is automatically calculated by the application system.

Confirmation that you have read the Foundation’s Data Privacy Policy is obligatory.

The signature form may be signed on paper and scanned or signed electronically and then in both cases be uploaded in the application system. The Foundation approves e-signing of the forms with the following e-signing services: EduSign, DocuSign, Scrive and TeamEngine. Signing with BankID is recommended. The same e-signing service must be used by all people who e-sign one and the same document. E-signing of one document with different e-signing services is not approved by the Foundation.

Revision history

All spaces, except those for ethical considerations, ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) and the budget, are obligatory and must be filled in for the application to be complete before it can be sent to the Foundation. However, note that the budget commentary is obligatory.

If eEthical considerations are required, these must be reported in a special space.