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The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies provides grants for research projects that are applied for by individual researchers or smaller groups of researchers and postdoctoral projects applied for by individual researchers. Södertörn University must be the grant administrator for research projects funded by the Foundation. Projects may have project managers and participants from other higher education institutions as well, in Sweden or abroad. However, during the project period the project manager must be employed at Södertörn University, while the other participants must normally spend some time there.

Announcement of funding for research projects takes place once a year. Applications for funding are sent in on the Foundation’s website.

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The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies announces funding for research projects once a year. Funding that can be applied for include two types: projects and postdoctoral projects.

In the application system, you can see previous applications, submit final reports of previously granted research projects and submit applications.

Östersjöstiftelsen (The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies) was founded by the Swedish Government in 1994. Its mission is to support research and doctoral studies, as well as the academic infrastructure at Södertörns högskola (Södertörn University). Since its foundation, the Foundation has granted SEK 3,6 billion to the university.

Primarily, the Foundation supports basic research initiated by the researcher. The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies has funded approximately 275 research projects and the education of more than 150 doctoral students at Södertörn University. The Foundation supports research into the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as research into the Natural Sciences, particularly research into environmental issues.

During recent years, Södertörn University has been granted SEK 180 million per year from the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies. Of these funds, about 40% has been allocated to research projects. A large number of these projects are multidisciplinary in character. In addition to funding research projects, funds have been granted for a professors programme,  for travel and conference attendance, and for publication. The foundation also contributes to funding the library at Södertörn University.

The Centre for Baltic and East European Research (CBEES) was founded at the university in 2005 to promote and coordinate research and doctoral studies focusing on the Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe and, at the same time, to strengthen multidisciplinary research at Södertörn University. The Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS) is incorporated within CBEES, and the Graduate School offers an international and multidisciplinary research environment mainly within the Humanities and Social Sciences, where English is the working language. CBEES is also responsible for organising conferences, courses, lectures and seminars. Baltic Worlds is a quarterly scholarly journal and news magazine published by CBEES and funded by the Foundation.

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