Medel och projekt

Samtliga projekt har varit förlagda till Södertörns högskola. Projekten förtecknas i kronologisk ordning efter det år projektet beviljades medel första gången. Forskningsprojekt finansierade av Östersjöstiftelsen pågår, som regel, i tre år. För ytterligare information om projekten hänvisas till, till respektive projektledare eller till Östersjöstiftelsens kansli.



The Relation between Work and Political Emancipation from a Central and Eastern European Perspective: Autocreation, Work and Suffering in Stanislaw Brzozowsk.

Projektledare: Krystof Kasprzak

The Relation between Work and Political Emancipation from a Central and Eastern European Perspective: Autocreation, Work and ...

Traces of oblivion: Identity, Heritage and Memory in the Wake of a Nationalistic Turn.

Projektledare: Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback

This interdisciplinary research project aims to investigate the role of oblivion in the construction of memory, heritage and ...

Transnational pronatalism: collaboration and family policy exchanges in the Baltic Sea area in the 1940s.

Projektledare: My Klockar Linder

This project studies the collaboration and exchanges in population and family policy between population associations in Finla...

What is news? News perceptions and practices among young adults in times of transition.

Projektledare: Sofia Johansson

While news remains a crucial conduit of information about society and the world, its consumption, production and distribution...


A multidisciplinary study of feminist comic art.

Ämne: Engelska
Projektledare: Kristy Beers Fägersten

The focus of this project is feminist comic art and graphic novels from Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Russia. The multidisci...

Continentalism and Geopolitics: The Idea of ‘Big-Space’ Political Formations in Comparative Historical Perspective.

Ämne: Idéhistoria
Projektledare: Mark Bassin

This project examines the history and current relevance of continentalist ideas and their influence in national and internati...

From Mare Germanicum to Mare Anti-Sovieticum: Concepts and Uses of the Baltic Sea Region in German Political-Academic Discourse in the Third Reich and Cold War West Germany.

Ämne: Historia
Projektledare: Marco Nase

The project aims to study the development of concepts of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) in German academic-political discourse, ...

Labour from the Baltic Sea region: Language, migration and daily working life among Polish and Estonian citizens in Sweden.

Ämne: Svenska
Projektledare: Hedda Söderlundh

In the Swedish political debate, the key to the labour market is commonly considered to be proficiency in Swedish. At the sam...

Livelihood strategies and sense of control/agency among Estonian single mothers.

Ämne: Sociologi
Projektledare: Maarja Saar

The aim of this project is to study the strategies which Estonian single mothers use to manage their social protection (both ...

Mapping the Roma communities in 19th century Romania.

Ämne: Romska studier
Projektledare: David Gaunt

The project aims at mapping the Roma communities in 19th century Romania using historical sources in Romanian and Russian arc...

Memory Politics in Far Right Europe: Celebrating Nazi Collaborationists in Post-1989 Belarus, Romania, Flanders and Denmark.

Ämne: Historia
Projektledare: Andrej Kotljarchuk

This project examines the use of revisionist World War Two narratives within the far right in post-Soviet East and West. The ...

Photographic realism in the digital media age. Photojournalism and visual literacy in Russia and Sweden.

Ämne: Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap
Projektledare: Patrik Åker

With today’s digital technology and online environments the photojournalistic profession is challenged. Even if both amateu...

Projekt Religion in post-Soviet nation-building: Official mediations and grassroots’ accounts in Belarus.

Ämne: Social teori
Projektledare: Nikolay Zakharov

This project analyses the religious component of nation-building in contemporary Belarus and its implications for the develop...

Reproducing (In)Justice: Towards a theory of relational reproductive justice of surrogacy in Baltic, Central and Eastern Europe.

Ämne: Etnologi
Projektledare: Jenny Gunnarsson Payne

This project is the first to comprehensively investigate national and transnational surrogacy in Baltic, Central and Eastern ...

Response and recovery of benthic biodiversity andecosystemfunctions to chemical pollution and eutrophication.

Ämne: Miljövetenskap
Projektledare: Sara Sjöling

Society and ecological health depend on ecological processes and functions, the so-called ecosystem functions. These function...

Russia in Space: Continuity and Change in Russian Space Policy.

Ämne: Statsvetenskap
Projektledare: Johan Eriksson

How is outer space envisioned in Russia? What are the visions of a Russian presence in space? What is the role of space inRus...

Seaside – A multidisciplinary study of maritime environmental history.

Ämne: Geologi, arkeologi
Projektledare: Elinor Andrén

Within the chosen timeframe of this project ranging from the onset of Neolithic (in Sweden some 6000 years ago), it is quite...

The Role of Existential Philosophy in Health Care: The Cases of Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

Ämne: Praktisk kunskap
Projektledare: Fredrik Svenaeus

The aim of the present research project is to explore how existential issues occur and are dealt with in health care against ...

Transnationalism and belonging in the Baltic Sea region among descendants to Polish migrants in Sweden.

Ämne: Etnologi
Projektledare: Ann Runfors

Even though European mainstream migration studies have for long centred on first generation immigrants, research onmigrant’...


A Contemporary Business History of the Dairy Industry – Processes of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Internationalization in the Baltic Sea Region, 1989-2018.

Ämne: Företagsekonomi
Projektledare: Mikael Lönnborg

The proposed project studies the dairy industry in the Baltic rim, with particular focus on dairy firms in the Nordic and Ba...