For researchers

The Foundation’s forms of support are designed to achieve the Foundation’s overarching aim: to generate research of the highest possible quality, at Södertörn University, in areas related to the Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe.

Funding from the Foundation can be applied for by researchers both in and outside Sweden. The support can cover all disciplines. All activities supported by the Foundation must be related to the Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe.

The Foundation prioritises support for international cooperation, network building and mobility of researchers and doctoral students as well as all stages of the scientific career.

Our forms of support

Calls for applications are announced once a year. For a table with an overview of the forms of support see application for research funding.

Two- and three-year projects – conduct research individually or in a group

Two- and three-year projects provide support for an individual researcher or a smaller group of researchers who themselves formulate the research problem, method and implementation of the project and perform a well-defined research task within a limited time. The grant amount is a maximum of SEK 6 million. See instructions for projects in 2024.

Postdoctoral projects for those who have recently obtained a doctoral degree

Postdoctoral projects can be applied for by an individual researcher with a doctoral degree, up to three years after the doctoral degree or by a doctoral student who will have completed a doctoral degree before the start of the grant period. The project period is two years and the salary funds can cover 80–100 percent of a full-time annual position. Se instructions for postdoctoral projects in 2024.

Research networks support the creation or maintenance of already established networks between researchers

Funding is applied for by a group of researchers where a majority of the participants preferrably comes from research environments outside Sweden and can also include doctoral students. The amount of grant is a maximum of SEK 150,000 per network for a maximum of one year. See instructions for research networks in 2024.

Conference grants for knowledge exchange

Funding can be applied for to organise conferences with a clear relevance to the Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe. The aim is to promote internationalisation and knowledge exchange between Swedish and foreign researchers and to contribute to the dissemination of research on the Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe. See instructions for conference grants in 2024.

Publication grants after a completed project

Researchers who have had a research project funded by the Foun­dation for Baltic and East European Studies have the opportunity, within three years after final reporting for two- or three-year project, postdoctoral project or grand project, to apply for support for publication of research results. Publication grants may also be applied for in connection to publication grants. See instructions for publication grants in 2024.

Grand projects for an extensive and challenging research task

Please note that the call for funds for grand projects will be suspended in 2024. The next call for grand projects will be announced in 2025.

Grand projects are undertaken by a group comprising at least four researchers, with a joint and coherent research task. Grand projects are characterised by a strong international element in the research group. Within the framework of a grand project, funding may be applied for postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students. The project period is four to five years and the grant amount is a maximum of SEK 25 million. Calls for grand projects are announced every second year.

Last updated: 02/11/2023