Mid-term review

Reviews of projects funded by the Foundation

Starting 2021, the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies has introduced mid-term reviews of ongoing research projects. The review comprises, first, a mid-term report with a number of questions, that need to be answered in writing by the project manager and, second, a meeting with the project manager and members of the Foundation’s research committee, which is responsible for assessing applications for research projects.

Purpose of the review

The review is a way of checking that the project is moving forward and an opportunity for the project manager, research committee and Foundation’s secretariat to discuss the project. For the Foundation, the review is also a means of obtaining feedback on previous decisions and reflecting on research projects as form of support.

Instructions for mid-term reporting

When it is time for the mid-term review of your project, you as a project manager will be contacted by the Foundation’s secretariat with more information.

Further down you can find a template for the mid-term report with questions to answer. The mid-term report should be submitted in the Foundation’s application system.

Last uppdated: 2023-04-25

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