Professorsprogrammet vid Södertörns högskola – Rapport (PDF 902 KB)

As part of a review of the Foundation’s forms of support, the Foundation has appointed a group of experts to carry out a study of the professors’ programme at Södertörn University, which is funded by the Foundation.


Utvärdering av Östersjöstiftelsens stödformer (PDF 876 KB)

The Foundation has appointed the Danish research institute Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy to evaluate the Foundation’s funding practices.

Stiftelserna ett kvartssekel – En hisnande resa från löntagarfonder till forskningspengar  (PDF 4,52 MB)

In connection with the so-called employee fund foundations celebrating their 25th anniversary, Klas Eklund wrote an anniversary publication describing the foundations’ common history.


Rapport om open accesspublicering hos fem forskningsfinansiärer (PDF 378,5 KB)

Five Swedish research funders, Formas, Forte, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, The Swedish Research Council and The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies have compiled a joint report on open access publishing.


Kungliga vetenskapsakademins granskning av Östersjöstiftelsen (PDF 1,3 MB)

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has examined the Foundations activities in accordance to the Foundation’s Statutes in 2013. The report was published in the spring of 2014.

Utvärdering av programmet Nordic Spaces (PDF 796,3 KB)

Nordic Spaces 2007 – 2012. A multidisciplinary research programme with participants from different countries, funded by eight organisations in four countries.


Röster om Östersjöstiftelsen (PDF 323,2 KB)

The report highlights various stakeholders’ perspectives on the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies and the activities funded by the Foundation.

Tematisk utvärdering av fyra projekt som bedrivits inom forskargruppen Stockholm Centre on Health of Societies in Transition (SCOHOST) (PDF 465,6 KB)

Four research projects that were conducted within the research group Stockholm Centre on Health of Societies in Transition (SCOHOST) have been evaluated by Professors Jon Ivar Elstad, University of Oslo and Urban Janlert, Umeå University.

Tematisk utvärdering av fem projekt inom medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap (PDF 722,2 KB)

Five projects within media and communication studies have been evaluated by Professors Peter Dahlgren, Lund University and Knut Lundby, University of Oslo.

Resultatanalys av Östersjöstiftelsens forskningsfinansiering (PDF 481,4 KB)

Results in an academic environment are always contextually dependent and not isolated from the outside world. Two environments at Södertörn University were selected and compared with a couple of similar external environments. The two Södertörn environments are the Contemporary History Institute and the Stockholm Center on Health of Societies in Transition (SCOHOST).


Tematisk utvärdering av fyra historiska projekt (PDF 195,4 KB)

Four projects within history funded by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies have been evaluated by two experts, Professors Kristian Gerner, Lund University and Harald Runblom, Uppsala University.

Utvärdering av forskarskolan BEEGS (PDF 241,7 KB)

The Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS) at Södertörn University was started in 2000 with funding from the  Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies. The overall purpose of this evaluation was to evaluate the graduate school as a whole: conditions/frameworks, processes and results achieved.

Utvärdering av Östersjöstiftelsens forskningsfinansiering (PDF 546,2 KB)

The report is an overall evaluation of the funding by Foundation for the Baltic and East European Studies. The study consists of a mapping and an analysis of the financing portfolio, a meta-analysis of previous evaluations and reviews of the research during the period of 2002-2009.


Kungliga vetenskapsakademins granskning av Östersjöstiftelsen 1994 – 2001 (PDF 377,2 KB)

In 2001 the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences evaluated the Foundation’s activities in accordance to the Foundation’s Statutes. The evaluation concerned years from the establishment of the Foundation in 1994 until 2001. The Report was published in 2001.