Ethical review

The Swedish Act concerning the Ethical Review of Research Involving Humans (2003:460) applies since 1 January 2004. This Act covers research on living persons but also, for example, on the deceased and biological material from humans, and research that entails handling of sensitive personal data. Under the above-mentioned Ethical Review Act, some research involving humans must invariably be reviewed by a regional ethical review board.

The application for review must be made by the research principal (Södertörn University). On the Foundation’s application form, the issue of ethical considerations concerning the project applied for must be clarified in the space provided.

The research principal (Södertörn University) is responsible for ensuring that research carried out with grants from the Foundation meets the ethical conditions prescribed by Swedish law and is not conducted without approval. The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the ethical review takes place and that approval is granted before the research commences. Both an approval decision and an advisory opinion may contain conditions for project implementation.

More detailed information about the law and the ethical review is available on the Ethical Review Boards’ website.

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