Ethical review

In the conduct of research, various regulations must be complied with. Before it starts, the required permits and approvals must be in place. The application to the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies must include an account of how ethical issues arising in the research are to be dealt with. Here follows information about ethical review that applies to research involving humans.

The project manager is the researcher responsible for a project applied for and approved by the Foundation. The project manager must ensure that ethical review is carried out in cases where it is required.

The entity responsible for the research — that is, the grant administrator — bears the ultimate responsibility for the research, and must apply for ethical review. This entity is responsible for ensuring that research that is covered by the Act Concerning the Ethical Review of Research Involving Humans (2003:460) does not take place without ethics approval, and must take steps to prevent this from occurring, or research from being done in violation of terms and conditions issued in connection with the approval.

For more information, see the Swedish Research Council’s information on conducting ethical research and the Swedish Ethical Review Authority’s website (in Swedish).

Last updated: 2021-11-04