Final report

When the period for using a project grant has ended, research projects must submit final reports, financial and scientific. The deadline for the final report is normally four months after the last day of the project period.

Instructions for final reporting

Here follow instructions for financial and scientific final reporting of funds granted by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies.

The final reporting must be done by the project manager in the Foundation’s application system Apply.

  • Log in to the application system. Under the project application you can find “Final report”, choose “Edit report” on the right to start the reporting.
  • The application system retrieves information about project manager and project title.
  • In the form the financial final report should be filled in and the scientific final report attached as a pdf.
  • The final report must be signed by the project manager and the head of department in charge. A special form for these signatures is downloaded from the application system, signed and uploaded into the application system.

Financial report

  • The financial report should refer only to project applications which the Foundation has received and granted. Funds granted by the Södertörn University for travel and conference contributions as well as publication grants, should not be included in the final report to the Foundation.
  • In the financial report, the amount granted must be filled in. For projects approved until 2018 fill in only the total amount granted in the field “Total costs” (without division on budget items). For projects approved from 2019 and forward fill in the approved amounts per budget items according to information in the contract.
  • Operating costs include investigation costs and other costs.
  • Register the amount spent on the budget items.
  • In the field “Comment on the final financial report” it is possible to explain the financial report e.g. comment unused funds or other deviations from the budget. In this field comment also other circumstances in the project’s implementation which can be important for the Foundation to be aware of.
  • The final financial report is controlled and approved by the Foundation’s secretariat. Unused funds above SEK 1,000 must be returned to the Foundation.
  • The financial report and comment will not be published on the website.

Scientific report

Use the Word template below, where the points to be reported are stated. Upload the final scientific report in the application system in pdf format.

The final scientific report must be written in English. It will be published, without editing, on the Foundation’s website.

The report can include both already published and planned publications. The Foundation recommends to register all publications in DiVA portal with reference to the project even after the final report for the project has been submitted.


The signature form may be either signed on paper by both parties and scanned or signed electronically by both parties. In both cases the form must be uploaded in the application system.

The Foundation approves e-signing of the forms with the following e-signing services: EduSign, DocuSign, Scrive and TeamEngine. Signing with BankID is recommended. The same e-signing service must be used by all people who e-sign one and the same document. E-signing of one document with different e-signing services is not approved by the Foundation.


Contact Patricia Vilchis Tella in case of questions:

Last updated: 2023-11-14

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