Funds granted by the Foundation in 2022


The Foundation for the Baltic and East European Studies has during 2022 granted almost SEK 254 million to research, doctoral studies and scientific infrastructure related to the Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe.

SEK 100 million has been granted to new research projects with start year 2023.

The Foundation has also granted almost SEK 130 million to next year’s activities at Södertörn University, after the Vice-Chancellor’s application for funding. The Baltic and East European Graduate School, BEEGS, has been granted almost SEK 52 million. Other grants were SEK 30 million to the Baltic and East European programme for professors and associate senior lecturers, and SEK 21 million to Centre for Baltic and East European Studies, CBEES. Additionally, funding has been granted, among other things, to laboratories, the university’s library, journal Baltic Worlds, publication funding and to special communication initiatives to make the Baltic Sea Region and Eastern European research at Södertörn University visible.

The Foundation’s support programme for researchers at risk has during the year been expanded to receive Ukrainian researchers at Södertörn University. The Foundation has, by now, granted almost SEK 24 million to the programme.

Funding granted by the Foundation in 2022

Funding for activities at Södertörn UniversitySEK 129,161,000
New research projectsSEK 100,363,000
Research networksSEK 324,000
Support programme for researchers at riskSEK 23,960,000
TotalSEK 253,808,000

Last updated: 07/12/2022

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