News! The Foundation’s new forms of support


Next year, the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies will expand the forms of support that researchers can apply for directly from the Foundation. In addition to postdoctoral projects and two- and three-year research projects, the Foundation introduces two new forms of support: grand projects and research networks.

Grand projects are applied for by a group of researchers and can include both postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students. A strong international element must characterize the research group. The time and financial scope is a maximum of 5 years and a maximum of SEK 5 million a year.

Another news is support for research networks. It is support for either creating new networks of researchers or maintaining ones that are already established. The network members should contribute to forthcoming research through scientific meetings and contacts. A great majority of the participants must come from research environments outside Sweden. The financial scope is SEK 150,000 per network for maximum of one year. This form of support is open to researchers at both Södertörn University and other Swedish higher education institutions but requires collaboration with researchers at Södertörn University.

The last application date for all forms of support is Wednesday, 3 February 2021.

Instructions for application will be published on the Foundation’s website after the summer.

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