The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies has made the decision on applications for research networks


The Board of the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies has today made the decision on which research networks that will receive funding in this year’s call. The Foundation has granted SEK 367,000 to three research networks.

A specially appointed assessment panel carried out assessment of the applications and has made a recommendation for decision to the Foundation’s Board. The Board has followed the panel’s recommendation. Funding of the networks covers one year and has a start date on 1 June 2021.

Notification of the Foundation’s decision is sent to the applicants by e-mail.

Approved research networks, 2021-04-14

Registration numberProject managerProject titleDepartmentAmount granted
21-RN-0001Yulia GradskovaResearching gender and sexuality in Eastern European history and post-socialist present: Does race matter?School of Historical and Contemporary Studies, Södertörn UniversitySEK 133,000
21-RN-0002Andrej KotljarchukHistory and Memory of the Holocaust and Romani genocide in a Comparative International PerspectiveSchool of Historical and Contemporary Studies, Södertörn UniversitySEK 150,000
21-RN-0003Anushree SanyalPHYTOREV: A coordinated effort to understand genomic changes in revived diatom and phytoplankton populations from Baltic Sea sediments in light of environmental changeSchool of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies, Södertörn UniversitySEK 84,000

Research networks support either creating new networks of researchers or maintaining ones that are already established. The purpose of these networks must be to contribute to forthcoming research through scientific meetings and contacts where researchers can define, demarcate and formulate research ideas that may eventually lead to applications for research funds. The financial scope is maximum SEK 150,000 per network for maximum of one year. Read more here.

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