Due to the invasion of Ukraine


The mission of the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies is to support research, doctoral studies and scientific infrastructure related to the Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe. Accordingly, researchers from this area, including Ukraine and Russia, but also from many other countries in the region, are supported by the Foundation. The Foundation also provides funding for research relating to Ukraine. Examples of research projects funded may be found in the Foundation’s project database, but are also listed below.

The Foundation shares Södertörn University’s profound concern about the current situation of universities and researchers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Foundation intends to find ways of supporting continued free research, researcher exchange and independent development of universities in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Russia must immediately desist from all acts of war that are now tormenting the Ukrainian people. This aggression against an independent nation contravenes both international law and the fundamental moral principles of human coexistence.

Research projects about Ukraine

Project titleProject managerProject typeStart year
Authoritarian Policy Transfer in Post-Soviet StatesOlena Podolianproject2022
To Eat or Not to Eat? Human Health, Scientific Knowledge, and the Biopolitics of Meat in Eastern Europe, 1860s–1939Julia Malitskaproject2022
Student mobility at the crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe – aspirations, strategies and assets among Belarusian and Ukrainian studentsMette Ginnerskov-Dahlbergpostdoctoral project2021
Connecting soldiers: Media ecologies and materialities on the East Ukrainian frontlineRoman Horbykpostdoctoral project2020
Reproducing (In)Justice: Towards a theory of relational reproductive justice of surrogacy in Baltic, Central and Eastern EuropeJenny Gunnarsson Payneproject2018
Religion and Politics in Ukraine: The Influence of Churches and Religious Traditions in Formation of Collective MemoryYulia Yurchukproject2017
Propaganda and management of information in the Ukraine-Russia conflict: From nation branding to information warPer Ståhlbergproject2016
Fish in Water? Surveillance in Post-Communist SocietiesOla Svenoniusproject2013
Nation brandingGöran Bolinproject2013
The Roma Genocide in Ukraine 1941-44: History, memories and representationsPiotr Wawrzeniukproject2012
Health and Population Developments in Eastern Europe in the Conditions of Economic CrisisIlkka Henrik Mäkinenproject2011
East Meets West: Charismatic Christianity and Western Missions in Soviet Union, Russia and Ukraine Gunilla Gunnerproject2008
Swedish colonies in UkraineDavid Gauntproject2007
Coping with economic hardship in Lithuania, Sweden, and Ukraine. A comparative study of the effect of the means-tested benefits on the well being of the welfare recipientsJolanta Aidukaiteproject2006
Agrar förändring och ideologisk formering – kooperation och medborgarskap i Östersjöområdet 1880–1939Anu Mai Kõllproject2006
Stater och marknader i transition: finansmarknadsutveckling i perspektivMikael Olssonproject2005
Multietnicitet, mångspråkighet och kulturell mångfald i Polen och Ukraina. Den polska och ukrainska intelligentians diskurser, 1945–2005Janusz Korekproject2003
Religious and ethnic toleranceDavid Gauntproject1999
Institutionalising Democracy: A Study of City Regions in Poland and UkraineMartin Åbergproject1998
Svanarna – Livsformer i förorter till större städer i ÖstersjöländerKarl-Olov Arnstbergproject1998

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